Helping organizations navigate the rapidly changing digital environment with creative social and digital media strategies.


Kristin Geer has a proven track record of helping companies increase customer acquisition rates, strengthen customer engagement, and build brand loyalty.  Through innovative social and digital media strategies, Kristin helps companies successfully deploy creative campaign tactics with measurable results.


A 3-time Emmy-Award winning investigative reporter, Kristin is a masterful storyteller that leaves no details unturned.  After a 16-year career in television news, she founded a successful television production studio, producing nationally syndicated television shows and working with some of the world's largest companies, such as Cargill and 3M.


Kristin also has a decade of nonprofit organization experience, as the founder and Executive Director of the Cancurables Foundation, a 501c3 organization to raise money for cancer research. 

In 2016, Kristin obtained a Master's Degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins University with a double concentration in digital communications and health communications.  She studied under some of the top leaders in the industry and is now using her own skills and expertise to help businesses navigate the rapidly changing communications environment to build strong relationships with their constituents. 

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