Three-Time Emmy-Award-Winner


Kristin Geer spent 16 years in television news as an Investigative Reporter, before successfully transitioning her journalism skills to help businesses and organizations tell their stories.  She has expertly integrated brand messages into syndicated television shows, videos, and commercials for some of the world's largest companies including, Cargill, 3M, Chubb Insurance, Cambria, Toto USA, KLN Family Brands, and Fox Sports. Kristin also donates her services to help worthwhile organizations such as World Relief,



Digital Media Strategy Specialist


Kristin Geer understands the importance of businessess engaging their customers through digital and social media. An effective digital plan will increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and maximize opportunity for growth.  Here's how Kristin will help your company  accomplish that:

  • Conduct an online audit 

  • Prepare a networking strategy 

  • Create an email marketing campaign

  • Implement a social media monitoring strategy

  • Design a digital strategy that includes unique ideas to promote viral spread


Proactive Crisis Communications Expert 


As an Investigative Reporter, Kristin had a front row seat to study businesses that successfully managed crises.  As a business owner herself, she knows what it's like to weather an adverse event, made public.  She has experienced the permanence of Google and now uses her unique perspective to help protect other business leaders by developing proactive crisis communication plans that can easily be adapted in our rapidly changing digital environment. 

Skilled Media Trainer


Kristin conducts media training for business executives, organization spokespeople, and government officials to give them the confidence they need to respond to journalists in any medium, including television, radio, print, podcast, and social media venues.